According to Google India, online shoppers in India are estimated to go beyond the 100 million mark in 2016 as compared to 35 million in 2014 Q1 with the biggest categories in e-commerce being electronics and apparel. The reasons behind this spectacular growth are rising standards of living coupled with high growth of smartphone users topped by competitive prices. But if you are thinking there are only bouquets on the path to e-commerce, you can’t be farther from truth. Consider the flip side – shut downs or failures of ecommerce companies. So what is the solution? The solution is relatively clear but not so simple. Connect with consumers and form a lasting customer relationship with them instead of focusing on the sellers and not the consumers.
4 tips on how to build a lasting customer relationship

  1. Customer’s Product Buying Experience – Today’s market has shoppers connected almost every day, all the time. So the customer’s experience with the product begins much before he actually browses the site for buying a product. The companies should put extra thought into marketing the deal, attractive packaging of the product and after-sales service.
  1. Personalized Marketing – Go beyond extra discounts and free gifts. Engage the customer with interesting notes on social media about his interests, emotive reasons for making the purchase, real-time user experience and everyday thoughts and experiences the customer can relate to.
  1. Last Mile Delivery – In e-commerce, a customer forms an impression of the brand when the doorbell rings and his product is delivered. So ensure timely and courteous delivery of the product. When the product is delivered it should be in good condition and packed nicely. Even the return or exchange policy of the brand plays an important role. So pay extra attention to this aspect.
  1. Customized Content – If you are engaging blogs, apps and social media to market your product then it is important for you to be proactive content-wise. Think of the festivals in advance, think of the time when customers log in, think of topics that are related to the product, think of monitoring the data, think of checking the feedback and think of shoppers’ demographics. You could outsource these services if you find it tough to balance all these seemingly daunting tasks. For instance, a reliable name amongst e-commerce developers in India is that plans, designs, develops, tests and delivers the entire package of web development including e-commerce so that your customer feels like an important part of the brand and not just a statistic. And that’s precisely the foundation of a lasting customer relationship.

So, being customer-centric is the key to a successful e-commerce company. Even though technology may be a major growth driver but it is customer relationship that sustains the growth chart in the long run.