Biggest Update – Google Penguin 4.0 … but When?

At a time when SEO rules the web world, it pays to not overspeed and go slow. That’s what the speedbreaker, christened Google Penguin, has been doing ever since its inception in 2012. How? By decreasing the search engine rankings of all those websites that contravene Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The question on everybody’s mind is “when will the next updates be for 2016?”

The wait is on

Eagerly awaiting as we all are, it seems that Google is taking its own sweet time. There were predictions about updates happening in 2015. But as we are still counting days while we are more than a week into 2016, that seems not to be the case. This when Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, posted on Twitter that he expects the release to be within 2015. However, he did say it will be real-time version of the algorithm.

Trends to Watch Out For

The Google Penguin was grabbing headlines with people’s set of predictions even when 2015 started. And as we sit on the first month of 2016 things are no different. But there does seem to be some logic to trends about the new version. Here are top trends:

• Whenever it may hit us, one thing is for sure – this Penguin will be bigger. In fact, according to some industry sources Google Penguin 4.0 would seem to be bigger than Penguin 3.0 (in 2014).
• The real-time factor matters big time. What will happen is that the demotions and promotions of organic rankings or algorithm filter because of unnatural links would happen faster.
• Real-time also means that Google can reorder various markets, independently.
• According to Gary Illyes, this won’t be a slow roll out like Panda.
• Reportedly, the biggest Google update since June 2015.

How to be in sync with 4.0

In order to prepare for the big 4.0 you can take care of the following for your website:

• Analyze backlink profile
• Remove bad links
• Be wary of redirects

Talking of being prepared, you can easily do so with team of experts. They will take care of the backlinks and SEO and updates and make your website ready to face any fluctuations in the market.

SERP Fluctuations

SERP Fluctuations - Penguin

SERP Fluctuations

SERP Fluctuations - Penguin 2016

So, as of now, sit tight and wait for more drastic changes that are synonymous with Google Penguin.