Even though online shopping is fast becoming the preferred shopping mode, it is quite challenging to convert visitors into customers. Customers might visit your site but leave the page before making any purchase for some reason. For online merchants, shopping cart abandonment is a real-time issue that needs to be dealt with strategically with emphasis being on innovations and enhancement of customer’s shopping experience. In this blog, we will share some insights that will be valuable in achieving these objectives whilst balancing shopping cart development specific to the Indian market:

  1. Use only good quality images of products – Clear product images which the customer can rollover mouse to have a 360 degree view is integral to developing impactful online shopping cart website. Since customers can only see and not feel a product in the online retail space, it is only natural for them to want to know as much as possible before they hit “buy”. Hence, in a visual medium, it makes sense to use clear images that make a customer feel as if he is actually holding the product in his hands.
  1. Add visual appeal to ease of operations – Having “checkout” and “add to shopping bag” buttons are not enough if you are not making these buttons stand out. Grab the attention of the customers effectively by colour-rich display along with “clear cart” or “proceed to checkout” buttons options for the ease of the shopper. The key factor here is to mix convenience with aesthetics.
  1. Check for any programming errors – An error message or disruption in the running of website can be irritating for the customer who has numerous options vying for his attention along with the fact that he is hard pressed for time. Too slow a website or one with errors can have a negative effect on the consumer’s mind eventually adversely affecting conversions. So resolve all technical issues by checking all of the pages on various devices and browsers.
  1. Be credible and honest in every step – Don’t hide shipping costs; display any extra charges upfront. Include aspects like product detail and multiple payment options but don’t complicate the entire shopping process. The whole process should be complete in maximum 3-4 steps.

Whilst it is crucial for your business interests to get the best online shopping cart solutions, it is equally pertinent to get the services of the best and the most dependable professionals who have the expertise and experience to translate online shopping experiences to reality. Trust to offer you a complete package that will provide you more conversions and instill greater trust in your eCommerce site. So, put reliability in your shopping cart for increased sales.