Bridging the gap between users who may be potential customers or who engage most with the product or service offered and the posts displayed on the Facebook pages is a challenge. All the more so since social media is a channel of dialogue that aims to engage users in real-time content. In this scenario, the recently launched “Audience Optimization” tool by Facebook aims to help brands reach out to people who are most likely to engage with the brands and provide better insight into which group engages most and how with the support of three main features, namely:

  1. Preferred Audience
  2. Audience Restrictions
  3. Audience Insights

Interestingly this tool will be automatically turned on for pages that have more than 5,000 likes.

That said, there are a few tips that you need to follow before you can benefit from the new Facebook Audience Optimization tool. These are the Facebook posts optimization tips that will help you draw the potential and existing customers to your page so that you can engage with them much before you start using the services of the new tool. Read on for useful tips:

  1. The Page Title – The first word of the Facebook page is of import to google so don’t stuff keywords blindly; choose the right name that reflects your brand persona. Instead, use keywords strategically across the page in the visuals and the posts. Same rule goes for URL. Think of your brand’s personality and then choose the names.
  1. The Profile – Spend time filling up and updating your profile and cover photograph. A complete profile would engage a lot more potential customers rather than an inconsistent one. Remember that the audience wants to know more and is therefore logged on to a Facebook page. So the “About Us” section including the correct address and phone numbers that work assume greater significance.
  1. The Posts – Did you know that the first 18 characters of each Facebook post are the meta description in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)? So take time to add description to a visual and share content with some thought.
  1. The CTA – There is a Call to Action button on Facebook pages that enable users to engage with the brand. The buttons are Sign Up, Contact Us, Watch Video, Book Now etc. Also, the messenger app for mobile and desktop allows users to pay via Facebook.

So, by using personal, valuable and interesting content, you can engage your target audience, user experience and brand visibility. If you find this a gargantuan task, you can rely on professional and dedicated companies like www.royalways.com to manage your online reputation and give you maximum ROI. Post the best!