The next penguin this year 2017 is by far the newest and last expected release since Google says that it will be a real time type of signal process inside the core search algorithms.

Penguin in this year 2017 really has to be at its real time period. This is just to promise you the utmost convenience, excitement and fun to all app users. The last update for this app was observed last 2014 at its 3.0. This year, expect that this would turn into more technically advanced compared to the previous years.

As penguin 2017 goes real time, you will get the ease and convenience in the usual process of penguin system than in the past few years. This much awaited change of penguin this year 2017 will help freshen up all data at real time.

As part of the next penguin in 2017 updates, Google will no longer confirm some of the updates of this system. This is such a constant and evolving process and this is nothing to be confirmed.

Google also emphasized that with the next penguin in 2017, it will become more granular.  During the previous years, penguin already had obtained Sitewide penalty. So, does it mean that in becoming granular, it is also about becoming page specific?  The answer is yes. The updated penguin is also more of page-specific and this was already clarified by Google.

Being page specific only means that penguin will bring a more effective impact on the pages on a website. This will offer some impacts on some of the sections of site. Never get worried as the rest of the pages will also be fine.

Much Awaited Penguin 2017 Change and Updates

Well, the next penguin in 2017 is not live yet but it is continuously rolling out online. Google is not giving the exact time when the newest and much awaited penguin will be introduced to the public. Despite the fact that this is not yet rolled, you could just see how people show their great interest and excitement in the use of the system.

With the exciting and amazing changes of the next penguin in 2017, people will not help it but wait to see how these newest updates help them. Even if they are asked to wait for over a longer period of time, their patience will always be seen. They wanted to ensure that they will be the first to try the newest penguin system this 2017.

With the previous penguin system, you could not help it but imagine how penguin 2017 would look like. Expect that its features are changed and updated as well as the functions are also upgraded. Apart from that, you’re also assured of not experiencing any issues or problems with this new system anymore.