Whether established or nascent; when a brand includes digital marketing to reach out or connect with current and prospective customers, the objectives remain the same – higher ROI, sales generation and low cost. Today, the popularity of digital marketing can be gauged from a statement by Jon Cook, Global CEO, VML, “… around the world people are realising that digital as a medium can be used to ensure better engagement with a brand. India has evolved from just being there digitally to looking at digital as a channel to tell a powerful story”.

Since business owners feel the weight of every rupee spent, it is up to the digital marketing companies to make every buck count. So here are 3 strategies to make the most of a B2C marketing plan:

  1. Be smart on social – Whereas we all are aware of the immense potential that social media marketing encompasses, there are a few ways by which we can maximize conversions. Focus on highlighting special offers, built-in CTA that takes the users to the landing page along with personalized text for effective advertising. Compelling content, high quality images and targeted messages are the key to reaching out to the right audience amidst the clutter. Sparing a fraction of your budget to capitalise on the traffic that returns to your site is a wiser choice than spending all the money on generating brand awareness as first time visitors are an expensive proposition than retaining existing customers.
  1. Remarketing or retargeting ads – By serving ads only to previous visitors to your site or mobile app who haven’t yet converted to actual customers, remarketing ads serve as a reminder of your brand as also a means to reconnect with the visitors. With Google Adwords, you can use this technique in various ways such as Standard (show ads to past visitors), Video ( Video interaction or YouTube channel), Email (uploading list of emails so that when people on the email list sign in to Google search, Gmail or YouTube, you can show ads) and ads on mobile apps as well as search
  1. Be patient – This may seem an unusual and even insignificant point to be mentioned in strategy but in reality it is quite a relevant topic. Don’t expect immediate changes from your team or digital marketing agency. Customers and plans take time to respond so give adequate time for the results to show up.

Now that you know the tripod of strategy the next step is implement it. You could call for an internal check or outsource an agency that understands your goals and market conditions. Here, it is important to mention that as a responsible and smart leader, it is up to you to make a conscious choice for experienced web marketing agencies that continually analyze data, research consumer insights and are alert and observant. Take for instance, the renowned digital marketing agency that builds up and maintains the brand connect in the customers’ hearts. So, go digital, be social but be aware first to make the most of current opportunities.