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Welcome to the place where people like you have been coming since 1996 to learn how to build the Web. Whether you've worked your way through the beginner and builder ranks and now you're ready to pick up some new, sasquatch-hairy skills, or you're just bored and looking for a time-suck toy to tinker with.

Serve Yourself
So you already taught yourself how to say "hello world" with IIS, ASP, .NET, and PHP in fact, you've tattooed your favorite server-side scripting language right there on your bicep. And of course you're responsible for a fleet of databases. But do you have a server of your very own? Not even a Mac OS X box? Tsk, tsk!

 Build Your Own
If you're a DIYer who likes getting your hands wet and your feet dirty, try a from-scratch audio recording station on for size. Next, sic yourself on a Web casting system. Then get really down to the ground and build your own computer.

 In the Alphabet Soup
 Have you been minding your P's and Q's? How about XML? P3P? Ever turned SMIL upside-down? How about XSS? Really? I don't believe you a Monkey made up that last acronym.

 Been That, Done There?
We're sorry if all of this is old-hat. (Are you sure? You've even earned your serif badge meddling around with fonts? Man, you're good.) Well at least you can keep our "Quick Reference" section warming up on deck no matter how advanced you are, you'll always need color codes, a browser chart, and special characters close at hand.

 And who knows? Maybe our latest offerings will reveal something new even to you.



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