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Today's plain vanilla business site is much more artistic looking than it could be even 25 years ago (if, of course, the Web had existed in those times).  In the survey, we'll surf a number of sites of professional designers to see what the future of mainstream web design might look like.

Probably the primary object of your examination will be the sites of your competitors, the ones that your site will be compared to in the first place.  You're going to find (if not found already) that the quality of design varies incredibly.  Just take any industry sector and go down through a fairly complete list of companies.  A few sites really shine; quite a number are a torture to designer's eye; the majority of the rest are best described as "average."

If you aim at something above the don't-have-anything-to-say level, then there's another type of sites that are a must to visit and analyze: the manors of established designers.  Those haute couture strongholds.  Design for designers.  Sites with an attitude.

If you are really interested in web design, the experience of pilgrimage to these sites may open your eyes on many things.  It is immensely instructive to compare "practical" sites where design is one of the means to communicate something with "artistic" presentations where the thing to communicate is design itself.




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