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When a customer opens an account with Royalways, we see it as a starting point from which you build an Internet presence and we learn about your additional requirements.

One of the keys to building a total web solution for our customers is often the quality of our technical and marketing support. Our customers vary greatly in their technical and marketing experience and our support team provides free advice and assistance wherever they are on the Internet learning curve.

If a customers queries require more individual assistance they can either e-mail or telephone our support staff on:

Our Support Line + 91­-93566-01323 or they can email
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Royalways Technologies specializes in building online ventures — new startups and strategic initiatives that are born on the Web. Online ventures serve their customers, prospects and suppliers exclusively via the Internet and build their brand through unique and rewarding customer experiences online.

Royalways Technologies combines strategic consulting, design, and engineering expertise to shape our client's business vision into an effective Web strategy. We provide sound and innovative online solutions for commerce, community, and brand building that bring online ventures to life — on time, on budget and on target!

Step 1 — Internet Business Strategy

Online ventures require more in-depth understandings of a company's corporate mission and its preparedness for meeting its goals. During this phase, core business needs are addressed, from market analysis and online brand building to existing marketing and communication strategies of the company.

The development process for each project is wrapped in a management layer responsible for the meeting of deadlines, schedules, budgets, and the building of teams and relationships throughout the project. During this phase, members of the various teams may be involved, but the goals are to create or respond to a Request for Proposal that succinctly outlines the needs of the project from the client's views. Included in this (as a part) may be a simpler Client Brief and some semblance of a realistic Schedule and Budget should be developed.

Step 2 — Pre- Website Planning

In this stage, we discuss with our clients important considerations like most appropriate domain name, content sourcing, point of contact in the organization and staff required for the online venture. Hosting and networking requirements are also discussed in this phase. Finally a requirement document is made for the concept planning.

Step 3 — Concept Planning

The first real development step toward a solution takes place during the Concept and Planning phase. This is where the Goals, Messages, and Audience for the project are explored and decided. These are the most important questions that will be addressed throughout the project and have the most impact. Market Research can sometimes provide parts of the answers but the overall goals and messages must, at least, be decided consciously by the client.

The Requirements Document should address all of the design requirements for the project. Part of the Requirements Document should address the proposed Technology for the project, the market and the competition.

Step 4 — Design Prototype Specification

In this phase, the first examples of solutions are derived. The Requirements Document from the previous phase should provide all of the answers as to what the project should accomplish, but it is in this phase that the development team derives how it will accomplish these things.

This phase includes the development of many prototypes, often the first merely in paper and sketches, while later ones might be more elaborate. There are often two semi-parallel tracks of development. In the first, the experience (or front-end) team is designing the interface for the experience while a programming team may be prototyping actual technology solutions. Prototypes, for the most part, are examples and not the final solution. They are usually hard-coded, that is, they don’t actually work as intended, only appear to.

After the front-end interface is mostly finalized, it is time for the engineering team to integrate it into whatever technical prototypes they have been building. These technical prototypes are the results of research and development that concentrates on the back-end, technical requirements to make the front-end work properly. It is essential that the front-end development proceed before the back-end decisions are finalized.

Step 5 — Site Production

Up to this point, all questions should have been answered in the previous two phases Any detailed, residual questions can now be answered by team members, based on the notes from the previous two phases. The idea, is that the careful planning already completed will prevent any big revelations from occurring that might change the scope or nature of the project. If this happens, however, it may send the project back to the Concept and Planning phase (that is, if the goals, audience, or messages sufficiently change), or at least, back into the prototyping stage. This is why it is so important to get those answers right at the beginning.

When production is finished, the project still isn't yet. It still needs to be tested and made live. At this point, everything should be finished and integrated into the Beta Build.

Step 6 — Testing

However, it is essential that every piece of the project is tested before it is launched. Testing here does not refer to User Testing but to component testing or Quality Assurance (QA). Every element and link must be checked on every page on every platform in every browser to create a professional product. Each series of testing, fixing, and rebuilding is labeled with a new release: Beta 1, 2, 3, etc.

Types of testing include Unit Testing (testing of every component), Integration Testing (checking the entire system works), Stress Testing (Testing the whole system under heavy load conditions), Content Testing (to be sure that the latest versions of content were used).

The Production Matrix is now reused as a Testing Matrix, for helping track all of the tested elements and components. The Test Plan needs to encompass all testing objectives and coordinate multiple testers working independently.

Step 7 — Maintenance

At the end of the Testing phase, when all problems have been fixed, the project can launch. However, this is not the end of the project. In many ways, it is only the beginning as the site will need to now be maintained with new content and interactions for as long as it is live. While minor additions can be added , major ones will need to be added carefully and may require a new approach to be developed during a new design cycle (back to Concept + Planning). Some websites don't need a lot of updating, but those which have constant and continuous updating of data (such as an online news site or store) will need not only a sophisticated content management system, but the support people necessary to keep it running.

Lastly, this is now the opportunity for the development team to reflect back on the development process and review what worked well, what didn’t, and why.


Customer First

We are passionate about our customer's success and have a strong conviction that our business solutions have to enmesh with our customer's business objectives. At Royalways Technologies, we are an integral part of the client organizations since, we feel that the business values can only be created jointly.

Royalways Technologies combines strategic consulting, design, and engineering expertise to shape our client's business vision into an effective Web strategy. We provide sound and innovative online solutions for commerce, community, and brand-building that bring online ventures to life -- on time, on budget and on target!

Building an online venture involves more than just building a website: it requires building a business. The content and features of the site must be supported by a solid business proposition and financial model, a clearly-defined brand and marketing strategy.


Yours Elegantly, US — Shere N.

I want to place on record the quality service you have extended to us always. Your courteous understanding demeanor, efficiency & expertise as well as prompt attention to our requests is what makes you a cut above the rest. We will continue to recommend you highly.

Virtus Global Partners, US

I feel that I have always received an excellent service from the Royalways team. The most impressive thing was the turnaround time and also your willingness to be flexible. You and your team took the time to understand the requirements and delivered more than what I was expecting. I look forward to referring you to my partner companies in case they are looking to upgrade their websites.

Dr. Vivek Saggar (World Renowned Dentist)

Great Job! It looks top notch and very professional. It is just the kind of message I want to send to my patients. Keep up the great work. The site title, page font, the photos, colors, everything looks just like I had hoped! It has come up as one of the MOST OUTSTANDING sites for dentist.

GSM Enterprise, London - Mr. Gurinder Mundra

Ref to web site, I outsource my web design to India because when i first contacted Royalways Technologies, they provided me all the detailed information in a very transparent way. All this gave me more confidence to out source this web designing job to this company. I am very grateful to Anil & his team they are doing extremely good job because the lay out and graphic is very good.

Royalways Technologies staff always been very helpful and supportive every time whenever i needed support before designing and after. I am very thankful for the work they have done and wish them very best wishes for the future ....

MADAME Online - Leading Women's Brand

"What you see is what you get" this is something of virtual sense with most of the firms but Royalways is the company that doesn't just builds the website of your desire but also focuses on the kind of business it brings for you. Most important feature for creating a website is the fact that it should bring profits and Royalways truly obeys by its words "building websites that generate net profits". I recommend them for their qualitative work.

Catalinabay INC, US

"Perfection at its best" truly a work of exemplified quality. The sphere of internet marketing is what not many people are aware of and the ones are they don't really look out for the kind of profits it can build but if you are new and want some work of true qualitative sense then Royalways is just the destination you are looking for. The strategies they employ for getting higher ranks is something of unique quality . They don't just get the desired results but also help you learn more about how you can be better than other competitors.


If are seriously thinking of getting higher ranks in the leading search engines then Royalways is the place to be. The team members of this firm actually work upto their best to satisfy our needs.

DXIXI Sport - Leading Men's Brand

Every business excels on the basis of the kind of publicity it gets or generates. Building a website was something that I really never believed could help in giving new dimensions to my business.

Dalhousie Public School

I always doubted that the website of my dreams could be built and that too with so much of sincerity. The passion of working with hard core values and loyalty is what is remarkable in Royalways. Their efficiency to understand the requirements of the customer is truly appreciable. I am really fond of their style of working. Truly immense!

Deer Club

Consistency in quality and continuous up gradation with latest technologies and implying newest strategies are some of the best features of work done by Royalways. In every sense their work is outstanding. I would recommend them to all who are serious in making their international presence felt.

Saluja Fabrics Ltd.

Exceeding client expectation is something that should be learnt from Royalways its something they are absolutely best at. They don't just build website with absolute accuracy but also give new definitions to dreams. It helps you get just the right kind of customers and right kind of exposure in the international market.

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Madame Online

Madame, is a well-established organization engaged in manufacturing and export business of Ladies Wear including ethnic & western clothing and fashion accessories across the globe. Incorporated in 1993, the Brand made a zealous entry and soon carved a niche for itself.
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DXIXI, was established nearly four decades ago. With its new brand identity DXIXI SPORT, the company has entered a new arena with an international range of formal and casual t-shirts, jackets, knitted woolens etc. for men, women & kids that are available in all sizes.
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Grumium, helps companies drive profits, reduce costs, improve business efficiency & reduce management risks through its vertical domain experience technology expertise and innovative approaches in service delivery.
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Monte Carlois one brand trusted for its quality clothing line. Their exquisite range of fine clothes consists of men's shirts, shorts, t-shirts, trousers, sweaters, outerwear, thermals, track suits and jackets.
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Nahar group of Industries (Nahar Group), was established nearly four decades ago. With its new brand identity DXIXI SPORT, the company has entered a new arena with an international range of formal and casual t-shirts, jackets, knitted woolens etc. for men, women & kids that are available in all sizes.
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Dr. Vivek Saggar

Dr. Vivek Saggar, is one of the leading dentists of India with his clientele covering most of big names in almost every industry. It is not just his academic qualifications that generate trust in the patients mind but also his personal caliber of making the customer feel comfortable in every sense.
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