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By now you've discovered that building websites is like eating cake: Once you start, you can't stop. (Still have yet to build your first site? We suggest you begin at the beginning.) If you're itching to make that site better, stronger, and faster, then here are some ways to scratch that itch.

Build Your Skills

One of the best and easiest ways to fancy up a static site is with JavaScript. Luckily for you, We are home to the Web's best learning tool, That's JavaScript Tutorial, so you should be an expert in a lickety split-second. Another way you can improve matters is by inter-activating your site with some good forms. Or dedicate some tweak time to optimizing your site so it attracts more search traffic. And for the sake of appearances, you should also put on a happy interface.  

Look, Feel

For more control over how users experience your site, try some stylesheet-ing action. Creating your own version of our expanding/collapsing dHTML toolbar is another way to liven things up. And while you're updating the site interface, why not dish everything up on templates using eXtended Server-side Includes (XSSI)? Build those pages right, and your next redesign will be a snap, crackle, and pop especially if there's some well-formed XML behind the scenes.

Move, Shake

 Nothing titillates the eyes of your users like a few tasteful animations, and Flash is one of the most popular ways to create them. You can also use your new-found JavaScript know-how to create the ubiquitous rollover.

Greasing the Wheels

 As you ramp up that learning curve, our "Quick Reference" section with its color codes, browser chart, special characters, and more special treats is a mighty fine thing to keep handy. And make sure you stay au courant with the latest Web developments by getting your daily dose of Webmonkey.

It's All in the Script

You know that warm, funny feeling you got as you dabbled in JavaScript, XSSI, and basic form functionality? That's called "programming" for more of the same, learn the fundamentals, then sample the server-side scripting languages. Which one whets your whistle most? ASP? JSP? PHP? ColdFusion? Pick one, and dig in go deep enough, and you may just find your way to becoming a  Master web designer.



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