B2B / B2C Applications

Over the years, the reach of internet has grown to limits beyond almost every expected level. One of most common reasons for people to use internet as a medium include info, shopping, music etc.

But Shopping over the internet is one activity that has gained momentum in very strong manner. It has been found that over 46% of searches over the search engines are for seeking product information and services.

E-commerce websites are one of the leading technologies which concentrate on the online buying and selling of products. Basically, e-commerce sites can be classified on the basis of their
working nature, these include:

B2B Applications:

Business to Business applications are the ones which completely focus on the idea of expanding business potential through partnerships.

B2C Applications:

Business to Customer applications are the having simpler ideology of working. These concentrate on the idea of direct buying and selling between users.

The main difference between B2B and B2C Applications from the technical point of view include:

  • In the B2B transactions it involves a lot more bargain in prices and product's delivery which is not the case with the B2C applications.
  • B2B applications require a lot more security levels.
  • Also, using the B2B applications retailers do not require integration with customer's systems.