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Using photography is a short, sure, albeit perhaps too common way to add a touch of class to your design.  But to give your page a truly unique, artistic, flamboyant feel, what you need is a piece of professional artwork

The first rule of using artwork is: Treat your image respectfully.  When working with fonts or stock photography, you have a wide range of source elements to choose from, and you are relatively free to make any adjustments to these elements in order to make them carry out their function.  Not so with artwork; for most designers who are not at the same time artists, a piece of art is a "black box" that can only be accepted or refused as a whole.

You have to display the art you've got large enough, so that the minute details of its shape and texture are visible, and you cannot make any significant changes to it for fear of damaging it beyond repair.  So, it is of little surprise that a piece of artwork often assumes the principal role in the composition, with other elements having to align all their aspects with respect to this visual core.




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