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3D animation
is considered by many to be the most exciting thing in computer design

The effect of a 3D motion on our perception is twosome. On one hand, any movement makes it much easier to figure out the spatial form of an object by showing it from different viewpoints. On the other hand, it sp
urs our vision and introduces the factor of limited time. As any moving object can present a potential danger, our evolution-trained brain is in a hurry to recognize its "intentions" and project them into the immediate future. This time-critical but information-rich mode of visual perception is therefore quite thrilling, although its appeal has little to do with purely aesthetical criteria.

Thus, it is not surprising that 3D graphics consistently ranks among what is most adored about the computer technologies, especially by the young enthusiastic audience (whose tastes are much influenced by the abundance of 3D computer games). For more experienced users and designers, however, the average Web-grade 3D imagery may seem a bit on the cheap side.

Despite the technological dazzle, most 3D animations are rather primitive from creative viewpoint: they simply show us some solid bodies in motion - but isn't it what we see every minute in the material world around us? Of course it is entertaining to see a computer image behaving like the "real thing." But, I dare say that most 3D graphics is surprisingly deficient in "subliminal messages," even when the author is capable enough to supply them. Being absolutely stripped of blurs, artwork textures, or any sort of visual distortions that could add a human touch to an image, 3D graphics are often too crisp, plastic looking, and dehumanized.


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